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Banjul is a capital of a political entity in Banjul Gambia

Variant forms of spelling for Banjul or in other languages are:

Bathurst Banjul Banjul Banjul Banjul بانجول Banjul Banjul Banĵulo Banjul Banjul בנגול Banjul Banjul Banjul バンジュール 반줄 Bandžulis Banjul Banjul Banjul Bandżul Banjul Banjul Banjul 班珠尔 Банжул Банжул Банџул Banjul 班竹 Μπανζούλ ባንጁል بانجول Բանջուլ Banjul Banjul Banjul Banjul Banjul BJL Горад Банжул بانجول Банджул Banyul Banjoul བཱན་ཇཱུ་ལ། Банжул Банжул بانجول बाञ्जुल Банџул Банжул Банҷул บันจูล بانجول பஞ்சுல் बंजुल ბანჯული באנזשול Bandžula Bathurstopolis ਬੰਜੁਲ

Points of interest near Banjul are:

First-order administrative division --- City of Banjul
Marine channel --- Lamin Daranka Channel
Tidal creek(s) --- Parker’s Creek
Tidal creek(s) --- Daranka Bolon
Tidal creek(s) --- Islands Creek
Tidal creek(s) --- Chitabong Bolon
Tidal creek(s) --- Lamin Bolon
Fort --- Fort Bullen
Hotel --- Laico Atlantic
Hotel --- Atlantic Hotel & Resort
Island --- Daranka Island
Island --- Chitabong Island
Island --- Lamin Island
Island --- Banjul Island
Populated place --- Barra
Populated place --- Essau
Point --- Barra Point
Point --- Banjul Point
Point --- Dockyard Point
Point --- Toll Point
Shoal(s) --- Seven Foot Bank
Stream --- Gambie